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Mistamoe Nigeria Limited is a strong and reliable company, as the need for safety keeps growing by the day, due to the damages in our homes, offices and factories due to avoidable hazards. So there is a great need to have safety professionals who has in-depth knowledge of safety to help secure your home, facilities, company, churches and factories.


CCTV (Security Camera)

When you think of home and office security, cameras are probably one of the first gadgets that come to mind. There are different types, and you have plenty of options. Since you live in an apartment, you probably don’t want to (or aren’t allowed to) go to the hassle of installing a complex wired security camera system. Look for one that’s wireless, and decide which areas of your home you want to monitor (the entrance, near the windows, etc.). Also decide if you want a system that records all the time or only when it detects motion.

alarm padlock

Security Alarm Padlock

This security device is not like your ordinary padlock. It has a special feature which sounds an alarm of up to 110 dB, anti theft and anti pick. Speciallly suitable for motorcycle, car, vessel, etc.

security fence

Electric Security Fencing

Electric Security Fencing , regardless of their type, are used to prevent intruders or trespassers from accessing homes, commercial properties, and high-security areas. Using an electric perimeter security fence is an effective way to protect your property and valuable assets. In addition to the high-voltage electricity that passes through them, electric security fences offer many advantages to the properties they protect

fire alarm

Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system includes many components and features to help keep you protected. It saves lives by warning building occupants of emergencies so they can get out of danger. Fire alarms have many advantages. In the event of a fire, they provide detection and notification without you having to do anything. whether you are home or not. They can also automatically dispatch the fire department to your location.


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